阿部 太一(計算構造材料グループ)

阿部 太一 ABE Taichi
構造材料研究センター 材料評価分野
組織熱力学グループ グループリーダー


大出 真知子(計算構造材料グループ)

大出 真知子 ODE Machiko
構造材料研究センター 材料評価分野
組織熱力学グループ 主任研究員






1. CALPAHD法による熱力学解析と状態図データベース構築

2. Phase-Field法によるミクロ組織形成シミュレーション


Structural Thermodynamics Group

In the development of various materials, precise control of microstructures is a key factor where thermodynamics and dynamics can play an important role. Using the CALPHAD (CALculation of PHAse Diagrams) and Phase-Field methods, our group aims to provide guiding principles for the development of new materials by analyzing the primary factors of various material properties through phase diagrams, thermodynamics, and dynamic simulations, which are the basis of the material and process design.

Specialized Research Field

1. Thermodynamic analysis by CALPAHD method and construction of phase diagram database
The CALPHAD method is widely applied for the assessment of phase diagrams and phase equilibria in practical alloy systems and is used to calculate various thermodynamic quantities and phase equilibria under the given conditions. Furthermore, the refined methods of thermodynamic assessments based on the CALPHAD enable us to estimate crystal defects, metastable equilibria, and order/disorder transitions in materials and expand the applicable fields of thermodynamics in alloys and materials.

2. Dynamic simulations based on Phase-Field method
We will proceed with the analysis of microstructure formation in practical multicomponent alloys using the phase-field method. The phase-field method is a model proposed for calculating the time variation of material microstructures, capable of analyzing phase transformations (such as changes from solid to liquid phase or changes between different crystal structures), grain boundary movements, and sintering phenomena. The governing equations are derived based on the minimization of total free energy of the system, and by incorporating the free energy evaluated by the CALPHAD method into the energy, it becomes possible to analyze the microstructure of practical alloys.